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At Luxury Executive Travel we specialise in providing the most prestigious wedding cars to help couples make their wedding day perfect.  Our extremely high quality service means that our couples have a stunning and luxurious chauffeur driven car to take them to and in between venues, we provide an experience seeped in romance and elegance and we make sure the special couple feel like royalty for the day.

Based in the heart of Birmingham in the West Midlands, Luxury Executive Travel is ideally located to provide luxury transportation to our couples on a national scale. We have a range of high quality and prestigious cars, including Bentley, Rolls Royce and Phantom, all of which are maintained to the highest standard and are kept in pristine condition both inside and out. We make sure all of our cars arrive to you looking they have just rolled out of a showroom and our high standards don’t end there.

All of the chauffeurs at Luxury Executive Travel are experienced drivers, will a full driving licence and an exceptional knowledge of roads and popular venue locations. What’s more is they are professional from start to finish, they will treat you like royalty and actually put the special you’re your special day. All of the team at Luxury Executive Travel are professional, friendly and helpful, our staff welcome questions and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  They will communicate everything with you and provide you with all of the details for your luxury wedding car hire so you can be assured that your day will go as smoothly as possible and will be injected with the wow factor. At LET, we have a high number of customers who return to use us again and/or refer our services to their family and friends.  This is a direct result of our exceptionally high standards in every aspect of our business and the service we provide, something we continue to enhance and improve upon.

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As the old saying goes, your wedding day is the best, most important day of your life, but to make it go as smoothly as possible takes a lot of work.  You have to make sure everything is perfect, that you have thought about every detail and considered every eventuality. This is true when you are deciding which wedding venues to book, which attire to buy, what flowers to choose and even which car you hire to take you to and from each venue.  The luxury wedding car hire you choose is particularly important, not only will it help you to make a grand entrance, but it will also provide you and your new spouse a royalty-like experience in between venues. 

This travelling in between venues is something you should make as special as possible as these are some of the few precious moments you and your new spouse will actually get alone together until your wedding day is over and you start your wedding night. When you are at the venues you’ll be surrounded by excited family members and friends, all of who want to congratulate you and spend a few moments with you.

So enjoy the time you have alone together in the best way possible, by hiring Luxury Executive Travel (LET) and travelling in a style in a Bentley, a Rolls Royce or a Phantom. Located in the West Midlands, in Birmingham and in the centre of the UK, we can transport you nationally and to wherever your venue may be. 

At Luxury Executive Travel we are highly experienced in luxury wedding car hire, we appreciate how important this day is to you and we are passionate to do everything we can to make the day as magical and as memorable as possible.  We will work closely with you leading up to your wedding, we will always be open and honest and will treat you like royalty from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and we guarantee to provide you nothing less than the best for your special day.

LET us make your wedding day your dream come true.

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